The 4th International DAWN Summit 2008

Changing Diabetes - one person at a time

: 6 November 2008
Venue: Novotel Congress Center in Budapest, Hungary
Attendees: Healthcare professionals, especially physicians, nurses, psychologists, patient ambassadors, policy-makers and patient association representatives.

DAWN Summit online
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At the DAWN Summit/TPE on November 6th, 2008, more than 600 leading experts from 40 countries were sharing visions, successful projects, and state of art patient research.

Professor David Matthews chaired the Summit and more than 20 speakers shared their knowledge of the psychological and self-management support needs of people with diabetes. The evaluation showed that 89% said the Summit had improved their understanding of psychosocial and self-management support needs of people with diabetes and the tools to address them.

Key focus at the Summit
This year’s Summit was particularly exciting as it showed the first results from several new DAWN projects initiated following the 3rd International DAWN Summit in Florence in 2006.

A key focus of the 4th Intl DAWN Summit was to set the stage for the establishment of an international effort to monitor quality of life and perceptions of people with diabetes. Supported through statements by the presidents of IDF and ISPAD respectively, the global DAWN MIND (monitoring individual needs of people with diabetes) initiative was praised as a vital initiative to bring guidelines related to the human aspect into real standard care.

Professor Frank Snoek from Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre and Lene Dobson from the Steno Diabetes Centre, shared the results from the multinational DAWN MIND (Monitoring Individual Needs of People with Diabetes) initiative. They highlighted that the psychological needs of people with diabetes are often undetected and showcased the DAWN MIND tool to support assessment of psychological needs at annual review.

DAWN Youth
Dr Thomas Danne introduced and shared key findings from DAWN Youth, a new global programme to improve psychosocial support for young people with diabetes. (Read more here). Professor Barbara Anderson discussed the need to improve support in schools as well as providing better support for parents and families. Prof Frank Snoek, chair of the DAWN Intl Adv Board, expressed the need for it to be wider implemented for the benefit of both young people and adults with diabetes and for use in both secondary and primary care settings.

Take home messages from the Summit
Following the DAWN Summit a series of countries committed to begin to track progress in the promotion of patient-centred diabetes care at either a national and local health services level or at the patient level. Novo Nordisk committed itself to support a globally coordinated effort to improve measurability also of the psychosocial dimension of life with diabetes as part of its Global Changing Diabetes Barometer. Martin Silink,
President of IDF, expressed a clear commitment of IDF to moving towards a psychosocial chapter of the IDF diabetes atlas to accommodate the findings from the impressive international efforts ongoing to monitor QoL of patients with diabetes using validated scientific yet also clinically meaningful tools.

Further background
The event was held together with Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) congress 2008, an international congress organised around patient-centred self-management education and long-term follow up strategies in diabetes and other chronic diseases.

The 4th DAWN Summit provided a unique opportunity for all TPE delegates to discuss and reflect on how the new self-management and psychosocial support strategies and tools for chronic self-managed conditions can be implemented in a sustainable way in each country through concerted multi-national and multi-disciplinary advocacy and collaboration.

DAWN activities at the summit
• Summit incl. presentations, interaction with audience, workshops
• DAWN exhibit incl. "Meet the Expert" sessions and DAWN Interactive Tools
• DAWN Best Practice Poster exhibit

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